A new year brings up new hopes or ignites existing ones so we can make one strong push to change things for good in the new year. At the same time it may feel overwhelming as it can suggest having to make a change in a short period of time, and having to rush. Uncertainties may surface in our minds; old failures, mistakes and the sour taste of unfinished projects.

Maybe that’s why some of our New Year resolutions slip away after the sweet hangover of the New Year’s party, and then gradually phase out in the delicious aftermath of stretching out the festive time a little longer while chilling at the bach, beach or on our sunny decks together with close folk while sipping on a cold drink in the warmth of summer. In the end life goes on one way or another. And our ideas of creating change may end up in the too-hard-basket.

The reality is we don’t just finish our old year and then start a new year. There is no start and and finish line here. Life is continuous, even though there are cycles. Change happens while we live in the now, think about our past and dream the future – all at the same time.

How is this possible? Well, life is not linear, and everyday new body cells will be born and others die, new ideas will be formed and some old ones will be discarded, lots of emails and texts arrive and some will be deleted, yet again others won’t be sent, new flowers will blossom and old ones die, delicious apples will be eaten – to the core which will then go to the compost, and the earth will finish another turn around itself.

There are so many layers to life. We can see the life cycle everyday – it’s organic. It is important to notice life from day to day, and from moment to moment. Sometimes our mind clings too long to past events or is concerned with the future. It is completely normal to think about the past, contemplate our memories, and the same applies to focusing on the future, however an excess of either can create stress and anxiety. It is advisable to stay mindful of what happens now in order to be able to live our lives happily and to achieve things. This will enable you to broaden your view of life.

The key is here: Life continues, there is no sudden portal – we change gradually. Our past extends into the now in the form of habits and perceptions, the now connects the past with the future, and it is here where we can practise new ways for the future, while farewelling those we no longer need.

So, welcome to An-other New Year! May 2018 be a year in which you will flourish and may it bring more love and peace into your life and to this beautiful community. 

With Gratitude

Nalan Kirsch

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