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Stress and anxiety are unavoidable at the workplaces due to the fast pace and competitiveness of the environment. Excess stress can cause health problems, lower your staff’s performance and lessen overall life satisfaction. 

This workshop offers research-based strategies for enhancing your own and your staff’s well being and happiness. Happy people do better at work. These strategies are scientifically proven to work.

So why Mindfulness? It’s quite a buzzword these days – and for a good reason: if practised regularly it helps calm the mind and will raise awareness of one’s inner and outer environment.

This workshop will help you and your team handle stress in a productive way and build a healthier team and work environment as well as achieve more happiness in everyone’s personal life.

Course topics are:

1) Facts on well being and happiness

2) Strengths & values

3) Mindfulness & mindful leadership

4) How to achieve flow

5) How to manage stress & anxiety and avoid burnout

1 day workshop. This workshop will be tailored to suit your business and staff needs. Give me a call to discuss your requirements and options and to get a quote. Or book a non-obligation appointment to discuss your options further. Invest and increase peace and productivity!

 Call Nalan now on: 021 515 707 

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