Warm Midwinter Greetings Everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that from August 2017, I’ll be offering an exciting new workshop, the Well Being and Happiness Lab, over a period of 8 weeks. This powerful course will aid you in achieving your personal growth, building more resilience to life’s ups and downs, and finding your own version of balanced happiness.


About The Sessions

This programme is delivered in a small group setting ensuring everyone receives the support they need for developing their own well-being strategies. It is designed to be a fun and practical learning-experience.

Much like in a lab setting, this course is a lot about learning, and trying, and finding out for yourself. You will gain a better understanding of the science behind happiness and well being, and what the health benefits are. You will learn new skills based on this knowledge. You will be able to apply these new skills in your own life starting from the first week.

Each session is dedicated to a specific topic – we have happiness, emotions, self-awareness, relationships, mindfulness, meaning and purpose, mindsets, values and strengths, life goals and so forth. There will also be short videos and media presentations during the sessions to further enhance your learning.


How Much Time Do You Need?

Sessions are 2 hours (approx) each week over a period of 8 weeks. You will need to be committed to the 8 weeks programme. You should also set aside about 10 minutes each day and be prepared to try out new activities at home.


Who is this course good for?

This workshop will suit anyone who wants to enhance their well being and happiness, and/or who is interested in the topic for their own personal growth.



starting date: Friday 18 August 2017

8 weekly sessions ( 2 weeks break in the school holidays)

finishing date: Friday 20 October 2017

weekly session times: 9.30 am -11.30 am


St John Hall, Coromandel (town)



The cost for the entire 8-week programme is $175, including morning tea as well as course materials – payment options are available.

Numbers are limited, so please register your interest early. Sorry, no drop-ins. This is a dedicated 8-week programme. I may offer an introductory course later in the year if you just want a taste.

For more information or registration please send me an email: info@lifeflowcoaching.co.nz

With Gratitude,

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