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Enjoy Being Part of a Small Group While Working on Yourself

From April, I will be offering a small group coaching circle for local women at the Havalona Pyramid, Driving Creek Rd, Coromandel.

This is a great opportunity to enhance your well being in a focused space with the support of other women. If you find it hard to keep motivated and stay accountable, then this is for you!


In this programme you will work towards:

  • finding clarity for your situation
  • setting goals
  • finding your strengths
  • designing a more fulfilling life
  • enhancing your overall well being

You will be doing this with like-minded other women and in a fun group environment. The programme is flexible and while this is a professionally led circle, the agenda of each session will be set by the participants themselves.

  • You will receive practical tools to use in your daily life.
  • Between the monthly sessions there are simple homework exercises which help keep on track in working towards your goals.
  • You will receive a1/2 hr private coaching session during this program.
  • You will receive ongoing support.

The group coaching experience is a wonderful opportunity to receive coaching, while learning and sharing with the other women in the group. This will guide you in creating a vision for your future and help you move into effective, inspired action.


How does it work?

  • First, we will bring ourselves to the present moment, and leave our busy life behind
  • Then we will move into doing a fun activity to build our group harmony
  • Participant will check in with each other on their experiences with the commitments made in each previous session
  • There’ll be group discussion on a particular topic
  • Coaching is provided by your coach Nalan
  • We’ll have reflections on outcomes and how you can apply them to your goals
  • We’ll look at any take-aways from the day’s session
  • Then everyone will work towards designing next-action steps, and setting goals
  • We will kindly hold each participant accountable for their commitments until the next meeting


On Friday, April 7th I’ll be launching this group. Over a six-month period, we will meet once a month (on Fridays) between 1 pm and 2.30 pm for a 1.5 hr session (approximately).The numbers are limited to 6 women, so early registration is best.

Participation is by koha.
Register at: or on: 021 515 707

Looking forward to seeing you in April!
Nalan Kirsch



Question: Can I form my own group of women I already know?
Answer: Yes! You can all sign up as a pre-existing group.

If you have any other questions or inquiries just give me a ring or drop me a line.

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